Wanting to Stay Positive

I am trying to stay positive but it is very difficult.  I feel stuck in life, just working in a restaurant,  and find myself blaming my geographically situation, that is, living in this small town of DeLand, Florida. There isn’t much opportunity here. I don’t have a car and most white collar jobs are in Deltona and buses stop running back toward my home at 6 p.m.

But, it’s not all bad. I’ve finally gotten all of my paperwork, like my college transcripts,  and am ready to put my application in at the School Board to teach again. My dad encouraged me to put the application in. I wouldn’t have done it without him.

Also, my backup plan is to put an application in at Stetson University to work in any capacity. If I work for them for one year I can attend classes for free and get my masters in…maybe counseling. Also, I’ll get an I.D. that will allow me to use their weight room, pool, and library. They are only four blocks from where I live.  Good employment and growth, ya know?

I read some books, one of them states that if I speak in the positive, like, “I will be healthy and wealthy”, then it will come true. Wayne Dyer preaches this. He calls it “the power of intention”. He swears by it. So, I have nothing to lose by trying to think positively and meditate that things will get better.

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