Here I am going to play around with the Pages Widget. I have read most of the videos on the subject and read what people said in the Forum but it won’t be clear to me unless I can see it and have success. So, here goes. First thing is to POST a Picture. I’ll do Krotar. IT worked! But, I erased Krotar.

Now, I’LL do this page on I music videos and see what happens. Also, I am going to adjust the width, remember by typing (embeding or appendaging);     &w=320] after the videos URL


It Worked! However, The PAGE “My Fav’s”  is not showing . That’s because of the THEME I am using. I have to switch themes to a theme where the PAGES are shown. Unfortunately all the available themes I don’t care much for but don’t have a choice unless I learn how to download a theme off the internet.  O.K. I did this (changed my theme) successfully. Now I have blue writing in my Category column to the right.   Let’s put in another video.


And, once again, I reduced the size of the video.


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